New Spell: Hamsa Charm

Hamsa Charm
2nd Level Magic-User Spell
Range: 120'
Duration: 1 round + the level of the caster, in rounds

This spell can be used on any human, or human-like creature (see Charm Person) and takes control of one of the target's hands. The charmed hand can can be used to attack anyone within arms reach (attacks against the target automatically hit) or perform any other one-handed task (discard items, pick-up items, etc). The target may try and use their other hand to restrain the charmed hand, but the charmed hand may similarly use it's action to try and stop the target from taking any action including moving. Make a saving throw vs spells to see if the target is successful each round they are fighting with their hand.

Daniel Perez was disappointed to hear this wasn't about the Hamsa Amulet so here's a quick magic item.

Hamsa Amulet: this small magical talisman stores a single Protection from Evil spell that the wearer can activate in the presence of Evil.