Class Based Limits on Damage

The next time we're Swords & Wizardry or any other version of "old school" D&D I'm going to give characters more choices about what sort of weapons they'd like to use. Like Akrasia mentioned in his post on the topic I like the idea of a Wizard being able to swing a sword around if the need arises. You see this in both The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series and while the Mage might not be an expert swordsman they should at least be able to use it in battle if the need were to arise.

Rather than change all the values for the weapons in the book I'm going to go with a simple maximum damage dice the classes can roll.
Damage Dice Limits
Fighter      No limit on damage dice
Wizard      d4 for 1 handed weapons, d6 for 2 handed weapons
Others      d6 for 1 handed weapons, d8 for 2 handed weapons
The Wizard can choose to fight with either a dagger or a sword, for example, but they'll roll a d4 for damage with either. They'll most likely choose to carry a dagger or other small weapon then, but if they have the opportunity of using a Magic Sword they would certainly do so. You might see the non-Fighter classes also choose regular swords (d6 damage) over the much larger long swords (d8 damage) the Fighters would likely carry.