Feb 28, 2011

PocketMod Spellbook

I really enjoy the DIY side of tabletop gaming. When I'm playing a game with miniatures I enjoy making terrain, painting figures, and putting together 3D cardstock papermodels for buildings.  Even when we're playing a game more in the Radio Theatre / Theatre of the Mind tradition I still like making props, whether they're dice towers, custom character sheets, or some kind of prop.

On Friday I stumbled upon Risus Monkey's DungeonWords! mini book of inspirational words for D&D.  The PocketMod format means you print it out on a single sheet of paper, make a single cut, then fold into into a neat little book. I think it's pretty cool and it got me thinking about other ways I could use the PocketMod format for my games.

Here's what I put together -- a mini Spellbook that's both a gaming prop and a handy reference for the spells available to a 1st level Wizard. This little book has all of the 4 spells the Wizard starts with, each on it's own page.

If you'd like to build your own mini Spellbook you can download the image file here: PocketMod Spellbook and follow the instructions for how to fold your PocketMod book.