NPC Companion: K9

Another Doctor Who inspired post today. For use with 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord or similar roleplaying games.

Armor Class: 2 [18]
Hit Dice: 24 hit points (5 HD)
Laser (150 ft)
Stun (as per the spell 'Hold Person', 1 target, Save -2, 10 turns)
Kill (as per the spell 'Magic Missile', 1d4+1 dmg x3 shots, ignores damage reduction)
Saving Throw: 11
Darkvision (60 ft); Detect Invisibility (50 ft); Locate Object (Life, Energy - 100 ft); Read Languages; Immune to Sleep, Charm, Disease, Gases, Poison, and Radiation;
Move: 9

K9 needs a place to recharge or he'll run out of power, and he sometimes experiences technical glitches. Both could help prevent him from becoming an unbalancing element in your campaign if you decide to include him in an adventure.