Weird West Character Class: The Traveler

The Traveler is the last of the character classes I'm going to be posting for the Weird West campaign. At least for now. I've decided that a Thief/Rogue class doesn't make much sense when several of the other classes share that role. Pick-pocketing and Back-Stabbing doesn't seem to fit the genre very well either.

The Traveler class doesn't have as many class abilities as some of the other choices, but their general Luckiness which allows them to reroll the dice could make them a good choice for anyone nervous about their own luck with the dice (Aron, I'm thinking of you here).

Having some modest ability to Hear Noises and Hide seems to go well with a character who's used to traveling from place to place through dangerous situations and learning how to keep their heads down and get out of tricky situations.

This is a bit of a catch-all class for any character concept that don't quite fit into the other classes. If you want to be a Banker, a Sailor, a Pony-Express Courier, or a Guitar Playing Rodeo Clown - the Traveler is a good choice to pick for your character's class.

Gambler, Outsider, Writer
Hit Dice: d6
Armor: Only Light Armor while using Traveler class abilities
Weapons: Roll up to d6 damage for weapons
Hear Noises, Hide: d6
Lucky: Once per encounter, and once between each encounter, you may choose to re-roll any non-attacking dice roll you make.