Weird West Character Class: The Scholar

The Scholar uses his mind and specialized knowledge to effect changes in the world and those around him. Examples of Scholar characters include a Doctor, a Steampunk style Inventor, or a Monster Hunting Priest.

This class, like the cleric in fantasy RPGs, brings healing and support spell-like abilities to the group. Depending on the Scholar's area of specialization these abilities have some restrictions on their use, but also some additional benefits which make each version of the class a little bit different from the others.

Special thanks to Ode to Black Dougal for the article B/X Class: The Scientist which was the starting point for the Weird West Scholar class, and for providing an excellent list of "Gizmos" that I'm using for the Scholar's Effects.
Doctor, Inventor, Clergy
Hit Dice: d6
Armor: Only Light Armor while using Scholar class abilities
Weapons: Roll up to d6 damage for weapons
Choose one area of specialization:

* Medicine - May not use Effects during combat
- Use "Cure" Effect at will (once per day / per target)

* Science! - Must select Effects in advance each day
- Find/Remove Traps, Pick Locks: d4 (+1 at Levels 3,5,7,9)

* Theology - Must be Lawful (or Chaotic if an NPC)
- Use "Protection 10' Radius" against the Undead at will (with Holy Symbol)

Science & Theology:
The character can use their knowledge of Medicine, Science! or Theology to make an effect on the world and people around them.  These effects become more fantastic as the character rises in level. Each day the character can use up to the following number of effects:
1st Level: + 2 Level One Effects
2nd Level: + Level One and Level Two Effects
3rd Level: + Level One and Level Three Effects
4th Level: + Level Two and Level Three Effects
5th Level: + Level Two and Level Four Effects
6th Level: + Level Three and Level Four Effects
7th Level: + Level One, Level Two and Level Five Effects
8th Level: + Level Four and Level Five Effects
9th Level: + Level One, Level Three and Level Five Effects
10th Level: + Level Two, Level Four and Level Five Effects
Note: A Scholar can use any Effect that their alignment and specialty permits.

List of Effects

1st Level
* Cure
* Remove Fear
* Light
* Purify Food / Water
* Detect Poison
* Resist Cold / Heat

2nd Level
* Stimulate / Sedate
* Slow Poison
* Know Alignment
* Hold Person
* Protection
* Resist Fire

3rd Level
* Continual Light / Darkness
* Cure Disease
* Locate Object
* Striking
* Silence 15' Radius

4th Level
* Create Water
* Cure Serious Wounds
* Neutralize Poison
* Protection 10' Radius
* Speak with Animals
* Create Snake

5th Level
* Animate Dead (Chaotic)
* Create Food
* Spy
* Insect Swarm
* Quest
* Raise Dead / Death Ray (Chaotic)

Reversing an effect is only available to Chaotic Scholars.