Weird West Character Class: The Magician

I'm still thinking about a better title for this campaign and the (growing) set of rules that will go with it. I think "Swords of Cydonia" is a bit too obscure a title and perhaps something like "Knights of The Weird West" might be better. Any suggestions? :)

At any rate, here's the next character class, and one that requires a few more rules to go with it. The Magician is somewhat like the Magic User in a more traditional Fantasy RPG, but I wanted to bring in the Stage Magic and Escape Artist themes to make it fit with the setting a bit more. Those are available as a class option (similar to the way a Fighting Man can choose a specialization) and make me wonder if a dedicated Thief class is really necessary.

If the Ranger is good at Stealth and Hearing Noises, the Monk is skilled at Climbing, and the Magician is skilled with Mechanical Devices and Slight of Hand - is their a need for a character class that's mostly specialized by picking pockets and back stabbing?

Since the Magician can blend some of the more Rogue like skills into the Spell Casting character class, I think it will be a more interesting choice for players at low levels, while not becoming over powered at higher levels.

I've left the Harry Houdini type class abilities as an option, so that players could choose to specialize in a more traditional Wizard (with more magical resistance) or perhaps a character that can do a bit more at-will magic with the use of a Talisman of some sort.
Stage Magician, Fortune Teller, Shaman, Wizard
Hit Dice: d4
Armor: No Armor or Shield while using Magician class abilities
Weapons: Roll up to d4 damage for weapons
Spell Casting: A Magician can prepare and cast a limited number of magical spells each day:
1st Level: + Level One Spell
2nd Level: + Level One Spell
3rd Level: + Level Two Spell
4th Level: + Level One and Level Two Spells
5th Level: + Level One and Level Three Spells
6th Level: + Level Two and Level Three Spells
7th Level: + Level Two and Level Four Spells
8th Level: + Level Three and Level Four Spells
9th Level: + Level Three and Level Five Spells
10th Level: + Level Four and Level Five Spells
Note:A magician can find an learn an unlimited number of spells during the campaign from which to choose spells to prepare, but they are restricted in only being allowed to cast spells which their Alignment permits.

And Choose one of:

* Escape Artist, Find/Remove Traps, Pick Locks, Sleight of Hand: d4 (+1 at Levels 3,5,7,9)

* Magical Resistance: +2 on Saving Throws against Magical Attacks

* Talisman Magic: When holding your magical talisman you may cast the following spells an unlimited number of times per day:

Glow - creates a glowing light that illuminates a 15' area
Hover - lifts the caster 2' off the ground, or allows them to lift a small object up to 2' away from them
Spark - able to light combustible materials and start small fires within 5'
Zap - an arc of blue energy with a range of 20' doing d4 non-lethal damage