The Ultimate Power of the Blood Stones

Tonight I tried a Monster Making experiment. The Ultimate Powers Book for Marvel Superheroes was always fun to use to make crazy characters with... how would it be as a Monster Manual instead? I decided to roll on all the random tables of origins and powers and see if I could turn the results into an interesting monster.

Origin: Mineral
Powers: Magnetism, Dreamtravel

Magnetism goes with a mineral type creature... but Dreamtravel is one of those powers you build an entire character around. I also want something that's a Monster not just someone for Aquaman to hang out with.

A mineral monster naturally got me thinking about Earth Elementals, and that got me thinking about Megaliths... and that (of course) got me thinking about Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood. It also borrows from the Gelatinous Cube and the B/X spells Telekinesis and Charm Person. This is actually a much scarier monster than the one in Doctor Who. Perfect for 1st level adventurers... ;)

So here's our new Monster:

Menhir (Blood Stone)

Defence: 11 (AC -2)
Stamina: 80 (HD 16)
Move: 60' (20')
Attacks: See below

This appears to be a normal standing stone about 9' in height. It is unharmed by attacks from wooden or stone weapons, and unaffected by magic that affects living things.

While normally motionless, this megalith can move when hungry and in search of blood. More threatening is it's ability to control magnetism to pull metal objects towards it. Characters in metal armour or who do not let go of wielded metal weapons must Save vs Spells or move 20' towards the Menhir each round. Any creature within 10 feet must similarly making a saving throw or be drawn towards the Menhir by the iron in their blood. Characters brought into contact with the stone lose d8 stamina each round as the iron is drawn out of their blood and must Save vs Paralysis or be unable to move and will continue to take damage each round. The paralysis will last for 2-8 turns unless removed sooner by a cure light wounds spell.

Once per day the Menhir can affect the dreams of a sleeping creature within 240 feet. Characters must save vs spells or fall under the Charm of the megalith and seek to either touch the Menhir themselves or offer it blood sacrifices.