Monster Makeover: The Hook Horror

The original Hook Horror is another Fiend Folio creation that, while enjoying some limited popularity, is a rather unspectacular monster. It's basically an armored Ogre with a single claw instead of a hand on each arm. Most animals with claws (like my cats) have more "hooks" than the Hook Horror.

It's described as a sort of bird / insect mash-up. With a not-so scary illustration. If this thing is a Horror, in a book of monsters, it should be a lot scarier. Hellraiser scary.

Hook Horror

The Hook Horror is a large spider-like creature covered in feathery black hair. It uses its long hook tipped legs to hang from trees, rocks and other elevated surfaces to wait for victims. Beneath its black bristles the beast is covered in barbed and hooked quills making it perilous to approach. Worse still, the Horror can shoot these hooks short distances to snare victims and drag them back towards its long reaching legs, and up toward a razor filled mouth. Hook Horrors are know to lower their hooks down from the shadows to snare unsuspecting victims below.