6 Minor Magic Items

While only Clerics and Magic-Users can cast spells in D&D, there are a number of magic items with spell like effects that can be used by any class. These are usually in the form of potions, rings, and protection scrolls, but also appear as 'miscellaneous magic items'. These items usually have a permanent effect and can be quite powerful when compared to a single spell or potion.

Here are some magic items of lesser power that can be found in Madame Mirum's Curio Shoppe, or the Abandoned Tower or Emirln the Enchanter.

  1. Consecrated Incense - While burning, which lasts 20 minutes, the smoke has the same effect as the Protection from Evil spell.
  2. Love Potion - Anyone imbibing this brew is subject to a Charm Person spell, and failing a saving throw brings them under the control of the first person to talk to them and lasts for 12 hours.
  3. Lucky Talisman - This coin, clover, or inscribed parchment allows the bearer to reroll a single failed saving throw against death.
  4. Magician's Hat - Like a bag of holding this hat is larger on the inside than the outside. A single item can be stored inside the hat as long as it will easily fit through the opening.
  5. Lullaby Music Box - When played for the first time this device causes 1d6 targets of 1 hit dice or less to fall asleep for one hour unless they make a saving throw. Those closest to the music box, including the person activating it, are affected first.
  6. Willow Wand - This minor magic wand allows a Magic-user to cast a single first level spell into it, letting them use this 'charge' at a later time.