Weekend Edition: Palace of the Vampire Queen

It's almost Halloween, a holiday I think shares a lot in spirit with games like D&D. Pretend to be someone you're not, knock on doors, collect loot... monsters, witches, ghosts -- D&D is all about the spirit of Halloween.

Here's a dungeon map from 1976. I think I found it on Jeff Rients site and saved it some time ago. It's from one of the first 3rd party adventures called "Palace of the Vampire Queen". I think it's a great map and I really enjoy the embellishments around the sides.

I've never seen the key that accompanies this map, but I'd like to imagine it has the same feeling as the Wicked Witch's castle from the Wizard or Oz.

As Halloween gets closer it's a great time to get inspiration for games, whether they feature vampires, werewolves or Frankenstein's Monster (aka "Flesh Golems).