More Running From Monsters

Thinking more about running in my game and after some good feedback from Timeshadows and Zzarchov I've come up with the following system.

They're based on the dice-step system we use a lot in our games where the highest roll succeeds and there is a possibility for ties. Winning a round of dice rolls means you move an abstracted set closer or further from your adversary (depending on whether you're fleeing or pursuing). Alternately if being pursued by a monster that is significantly faster (eg. you're on foot being chased by a Black Rider) then you may be required to win 3 or more times before your opponent or you'll be caught.

Characters roll a d6 for running modified up "one step" for the following:

  • you are higher level or hit dice than your adversary
  • you are wearing no armour and carry nothing heavier than a dagger
  • you have a Dexterity bonus

and modified down "one step" for the following:

  • you are carrying a heavy object (backpack with gear, two-handed weapon, etc)
  • you are wearing heavy armour
  • you are carrying a shield

If the character has a Strength bonus they can ignore one penalty from carrying a heavy object, armour or shield.

This means a 2nd Level adventurer running from a 1st Level monster might roll as much as a d10 if they are Quick and not wearing armour or carrying items. Conversely they may roll as little as a d1* (aka "always 1") if they aren't Strong and have opted to try running in Platemail while carrying a shield and wearing a backpack full of gear.  That second scenario might mean they're ready for anything... except running away. They might be wise to drop their backpack and shield first. :)

* The Dice Step Ladder looks like this:  d1 d2 d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d14 d16 d18 d20