Swords of Cydonia Class: The Ranger

The Ranger is an iconic character class for a Western RPG. While the Fighting Man represents a wider variety of character types with a focus on martial training, the Ranger is more experienced with the Wilderness, and his abilities reflect his rough living background.

This is another character class who's special abilities use the dX dice step system I'll be covering in a future post. The notation +1 dice means the size of the dice being rolled goes up 1 step rather than rolling another dice of that type.
Cowboy, Explorer, Hunter
Hit Dice: d6
Armor: Light Armor only while using Ranger class abilities
Weapons: Roll up to d10 damage for weapons
Find/Follow Tracks, Wilderness Survival: d8 (+1 dice at Levels 3,5)
Hear Noises, Hide: d6 (d10 for Hiding in Wilderness)
Rugged: Gain an extra d6 hit points at 1st level; +1 dice to CON checks for Heat

While a Western character like "The Man With No Name" from For A Fistful of Dollars (1964) might be well represented by the Fighting Man class, a Ranger would be a better choice to represent someone like The Lone Ranger, the (admittedly earlier) Daniel Boone, or an Apache Warrior with more lots of wilderness skills.

If you just want a character wearing lots of leather fringe instead of shiny silver spurs, well then the Ranger might be a good choice too.