Swords of Cydonia Class: Fighting Man

Here is another one of the classes for Swords of Cydonia. It's pretty close to the regular Fighting Man, with a couple of minor tweaks reflecting how any class can use any weapon, although not always as effectively as the Fighting Man. The class also allows players to choose an area of speciality, and make multiple attacks against enemies under 1 Hit Dice.
Fighting Man
Bounty Hunter, Gun Fighter, Soldier
Hit Dice: d8
Armor: Any
Weapons: Roll up to d10 damage for weapons
Martial Training: Make a number of attacks per round equal to character level against enemies under 1 Hit Dice (may choose multiple targets)
Choose One Of...
* Fast Draw: Gain initiative in first round of combat
* Hand-to-Hand: +1 with melee weapons
* Sharp Shooter: +1 with missile weapons

Fighting Men could represent a wide variety of character types, which probably means it will be popular character class in the game.