Dryad Character Class for B/X D&D

Dryads are female tree spirts who live in woodlands or dense forest. When young, many leave the forest to travel the world before settling down and living within their tree. While adventuring Dryads look like children, but they are really spirits in human form and more powerful than they at first appear.

This is a new character class for the original Basic & Expert (B/X) Dungeons and Dragons game. Dryads have some special abilities that a magic-user does not, but they are more limited in their selection of spells and like the demi-human classes have a maximum level they can attain that's lower than their human companions.

Spending some time outside this weekend working in the garden was the inspiration for this new class. Adult Dryads must stay near their trees, but what about their daughters? Perhaps like seeds they can travel on the winds for a while before putting down roots.