B/X Style 5e Dwarves

This past weekend I read the excellent D&D 5 Basic: Dwarf that Gavin Norman put together. He took the still somewhat complex character creation process involved in building a Dwarf character for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons and simplified it to make it more in line with what you would find in Basic D&D. This "Race as Class" version is a lot faster to work with, while still being fully compatible with the more complex characters available under 5e.

With Gavin's work as a starting point, I simplified the Dwarf even further to bring it into line with what you might expect to find in the Moldvay Edition of Basic D&D. As such it only includes levels 1-3, and eschews some of the options available in favour of a standard "build" for a starting dwarf character. Players can start with a B/X style dwarf, or dive into the character customization options in 5e to make a more unique dwarf.

Download the B/X Style Dwarf for 5e in PDF format