Game Prop for Tracking Torchlight

This morning there was a discussion on Google+ about how to make timekeeping in D&D easier, while not ignoring it so that things like a character's supply of torches remains relevant. Roger had the idea that you could recruit a player to do this, in the same way some groups assign a caller, and a mapper.

I thought to take this a step further and make keeping track of time something the players would be more inclined to do themselves. I've noticed that when I make props for games, they get more attention, and those rules get used more at the table. With that in mind I put together an example of a Torch card that you could give each player with a torch and they could keep on the table in front of them. As turns go by they would add tokens to the card to represent their torch burning down each turn. Everyone would be able to quickly see how much was left on each torch, as well as who was carrying the light sources.

You could make another card for a lantern which had more space on it for tokens, representing it's longer burning time on a flask of oil.