Don't Move! Surrender Rules for RPGs

In RPGs the situation that I've found the least satisfactory with any rules system I've used is where an NPC tries to stop the characters at gun point. This almost never resolves in a manner that pleasingly emulates the sort of genre source material I'd like it to.

What I'm considering is the following sub-system:

  • The target and adjacent allies must not have made an attack or chosen to defend the previous round (eg. Surprised, Helping injured ally etc)
  • The attacker's action is to call for surrender (Freeze! etc) and can not move or make any other action including an attack
  • A call for surrender can target a close group of adjacent targets (Nobody move! etc)
  • IF the attacker's maximum weapon damage adjusted by Charisma bonus is higher than the target's hit points adjusted by their Wisdom bonus, the target is subdued and can take no actions as long as the attacker does not take an action other than continuing to keep them subdued.
  • The attacker can make subdued targets move ahead of them at their walking speed (assuming the target can move that fast)

The only way a character can be a bad ass and try to run or grab their attacker's weapon is if they had MORE hit points + wisdom but voluntarily "surrendered". d20