Apr 21, 2011

Yeah! A New OSR Logo

A lot of Old School D&D type bloggers have been using an OSR Logo based on the old TSR logo. It's pretty nifty, but does feel like it's kinda sorta a bit close to infringing on the old logo to be honest. Which is probably okay, but it got me thinking -- what is it I like about the old logo, and how can I take that idea and make it better?

Sort of like the entire gaming thing, really. :)

So here's my take on an OSR Logo. Obviously drawing inspiration from TSR's logo… but taking it further and ending up with something new.

Edit: As requested, in Old School Blue

Update: At Jeff Rients suggestion... more 'O'

Let me know what you think!

Last Update: Order a T-Shirt with the OSR Logo on it!

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