Updated Weird West Character Classes

These are based on the core classes from D&D, Swords & Wizardry and most other iconic sword and sorcery style games. Despite looking very terse I think it captures all the important info. Some of the other material, like being a martial artist or a Shaolin Monk will be handled outside of the rules for character classes. They're add ons, rather than unique classes.
Fighting +1 every 2 levels
Stamina [d6] every level
+1 on dice rolls for "Profession"
+1 on Movement Checks

Fighting +1 every level
Stamina [d8] every level
No limit on weapon dice
+1 on Death Checks

Fighting +1 every 3 levels
Magic +1 every level
Stamina [d4] every level
+1 on Magic Checks

Fighting +1 every 2 levels
Magic +1 every 3 levels
Stamina [d6] every level
+1 on Willpower Checks

Stamina / Weapon Dice
A character's stamina dice is also the maximum size they can roll for a one-handed weapon in combat. A two-handed weapon can be one die-size larger (eg. d4->d6). Characters can not roll a higher sized dice than that provided by the weapon they're using.
This is leading us further down the rabbit hole of RPG design, but despite the (drastic) change in scenery it's still compatible with other old school games - including the one we've been playing. :)