Mar 26, 2011

Creative Commons RPG Rules

Here's something from the RPG I've been slowly working on.  It's also compatible with the Original Dungeons & Dragons or similar products if you're playing one of those old school RPGs.

After seeing some recent discussion on the OGL I've decided to release this under a Creative Commons license instead. I'm not sure if there are any other 'OSR' games with content under CC, but this might encourage some more.

Character Attributes

The basic attributes represent the strength, intellect, willpower, deftness, health and charm of your character.

Characters begin with one positive attribute that you select. For each negative attribute you also assign your character, you may choose another positive attribute as well. There are six attributes in the game, so your character can start with:

1 positive attribute
2 positive attributes and 1 negative attribute
3 positive attributes and 2 negative attributes

Choose a descriptive word for each positive or negative attribute you give your character.

+1 to attack and damage rolls in hand-to-hand combat (positive)
-1 to attack and damage rolls in hand-to-hand combat (negative)
Examples: Athletic, big, hefty, strong, wiry, delicate, flabby, frail, skinny, small, weak

+2 Languages, +1 level 1 spell (positive)
Can not read and write, can not use magic (negative)
Examples: Bright, cunning, knowledgeable, dim, obtuse, ignorant, simple

+1 on rolls to resist magic (positive)
-1 on rolls to resist magic (negative)
Examples: Alert, careful, perceptive, wary, careless, distracted, foolish, impulsive, reckless

+1 to attack rolls in ranged combat and Defence (positive)
-1 to attack rolls in ranged combat and Defence (negative)
Examples: Agile, deft, fast, nimble, quick, skillful, awkward, clumsy, lumbering, slow

+1 Stamina per level (positive)
-1 Stamina per level (negative)
Examples: Fit, energetic, healthy, rugged, tough, infirm, lazy, unhealthy, weakened

+1 to reaction rolls (positive)
-1 to reaction rolls (negative)
Examples: Amiable, charming, sociable, awkward, grumbling, shy, unfriendly

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.