Bene Gesserit Sisterhood

The more I look at the non-combat Psionic Disciplines from the AD&D Player's Handbook, the more I'm starting to like them. It's familiar (D&D) but since I've never used these rules before they seem new and interesting. What's more, they have a slightly different feel to them than what you get earlier in the book with the regular spells.

I mentioned in the comments to the Psionics - First Thoughts post that they make me think of Psychics and Bene Gesserit more than Magic Users. Taking that a step further… here's a Bene Gesserit class that's compatible with the system we're using for our Weird West game!

The Bene Gesserit abilities seem pretty close to many of the Psionic Disciplines. Those will need a bit of fine-tuning like the Attack and Defence Discipline did - but the basic foundation is there.
Bene Gesserit
Reverend Mother, Acolyte of the Sisterhood
Stamina: d6
Armor: No Armor or Shield while using Bene Gesserit class abilities
Weapons: Roll up to d4 damage for weapons

Prana-bindu training
Psionics: Mind Over Body
Meditation: Spend an hour each day meditating to regain d4 hit points (+1 dice step at Levels 2,4,6,8)

Internal organic-chemical control
Psionics: Suspend Animation
Immunity from Poison and Disease

Disciplined Mind
Psionics: Mind Bar (Reverend Mother)
+2 on Saving Throws against Mind Attacks (Acolyte)

Weirding Way
Psionics: Body Weaponry

Other Memory / Simuflow
Psionics: Precognition

The Voice
Psionics: Domination

Petit Perception / Truthsaying
Find Traps / Secret Doors: d4 (+1 dice step at Levels 3,5,7,9)
Psionics: Empathy
Psionics: ESP

Psionics: Hypnosis
The Body Weaponry ability would be pretty close to the Monk Class Martial Arts ability.

This might be a pretty tough class compared to some of the others I've posted...  Then again, I think the idea of balanced classes in RPGs is pretty over rated anyway. ;)

I think both the book AND the 1984 Film version of Dune are fantastic. The soundtrack is outstanding, and I'm glad we're going to see more sci-fi movies with popular bands doing soundtracks in the near future. :)